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3rd Coast Conference 2022

This two day Conference will be held at the beautiful Kemah Boardwalk on Galveston Bay in Texas

Kemah Boardwalk is a sprawling entertainment complex, with waterfront dining and theme-park rides, plus a stingray touch pool and a rainforest exhibit with snakes and turtles. Nearby, the Kemah Lighthouse District is filled with avariety of shops and restaurants. This is absolutely a Family friendly event.



Lectures over two days from highly demanded Instructors ranging in experience from Fire Chief to Firefighter and from Urban Department to Rural Department. The topics will impact a variety of Audience levels.

Todd Edwards with Breaking Barriers- how to properly respond to and take care of citizens with disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome.

Clyde Gordon The First 5 Minutes- strategical and Tactical deployment for Command and the Company officer during the first 5 minutes of an incident

Howard Rinewalt essential elements of success- Setting up a fire scene and an organization for an excellent outcome based on small pieces coming together for success

Anthony Rowett Proactive RIT- preparation, set up, and deployment under undesirable circumstances. The proactive approach to saving our own

Kyle Romagus The Nozzleman (cruel intentions)- everything on the pipe, Application, mapping, advancement, target specific movements. The functions and Knowledge that are required for the nozzle man to operate independently or as a team and be successful.

Mo Davis Aggressive Command- The functions of an incident commander that gain control through respect and predictable preventable situational knowledge base to allow the firefighters to operate aggressively


The price will go up soon so get in on the discount price of $150 prior to the cost going to $225.

There are rooms available at The Boardwalk inn and will put you in walking distance to the Bars, Restaurants, Amusement park, and Class.

for more information Email

to purchase tickets visit the events tab on the main page of

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